In the meantime…….

Well, flight tests on the little ducted fan are moving ahead. I wish i could say swimmingly, but its becoming apparent that the little guy is somewhat tail heavy. It tries to relate this to you by backflipping every time you try to launch it. Thank goodness I have a soft testing grounds, that being a soybean field nextdoor over which┬áI am testing the little one. Long story short,more nose weight is needed. Let’s hope it doesn’t need so much(due to its short length) that it overwhelms the engines ability to fly the design. Time will tell.

As the title of this post indicates, “In the meantime” you may be interested to know that a similar design has been tried before, and in a full size aircraft that actually carried people. The Caproni-Stipa was built and tested before WWII by the Italians. Click below to see this oddity in action.

As Solomon said a while back…..”There’s nothing new under the sun.”

……more to come re the little Toon-Mig soon. I also seem to be having an issue with the video link above. Will tweak shortly : )