Mig 15’s…past and present…..mostly present.

Yes this may seem a strange diversion from a WWII P-40, but there is a precedent. I did attempt a ducted fan Surestart powered Mig15 some time ago. Alas, as with many envelope-pushing experiments, (p-40 included) the design was just out of reach for the motor chosen. That’s the downside with pushing the edge sometimes…..and with having a very narrow window of success, insisting on using only one powerplant or nothing else. What can I say, all of my other,larger powerplants have happy homes right now. Anyway, here are some newly smuggled photos from the Mikoyan-Gurevich facilities.


And a brief foto of the older version…..

I might add that the older prototype failed because of one main reason….too much drag coupled with the limited power of the ducted fan. As you might note, the newer design does embody a number of changes to defeat this problem. First, the duct tube is straight and not tapered like the first, so much more thrust should be evident. Secondly, the wings are not undercambered, but flat bottomed, again, making her more slippery and still developing considerable lift. This all combined….MIGHT….make this design actually fly. I give it about a 50/50 chance of success considering all of the issues inherent in this design. Flight tests will be conducted soon.