This site is dedicated to some of my interests and creations, which include designing,building and flying unique RC Aircraft. At some point I may also include plans and instructions so others can reproduce some of the machines for thier own enjoyment, and I do sell aircraft from time to time. Not limited in scope to just these items however, anything of interest will also end up here, including aircraft, submarines, tanks, aerial video, homemade artillery and unusual items of many sorts. So stick around, you never know what might turn up.


2 comments on “About

  1. Tariq says:

    Dear its a fun watching your creations. I am an aeromodeller too and enjoyed watching the WW1 kite fly. When and where would you make the plans available?

    • Hey Tariq,

      I’m glad you enjoy the aircraft I build. Might I ask which WWI plane you were reffering to? I have not really drawn up many plans yet,but intend to in the future with the machines that lend themselves more to plan drawing than others. For some, I also use fiddlers-green card models as the base plan, so if it’s one of those I can laso point you in the right direction. Let me know which you mean and I’ll try to assist.

      Thanks again!

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