DH2oon Ups and Downs.

Well, it’s been awhile, but as promised here are some images of the built-tested-and retired toonish WWI DH2. I really liked the way it came together,but it’s main weakness I was later to discover was its durability. The flimsiness of the “wickerumpf” design as the Germans referred to this latticetail structure in WWI, caused the wing incidences to shift and created a need for stabilizing wires (just like the originals ironically) which made the little machine more complicated and draggy than I originally intended. It flew decently, but only after extending the wing area and truing up the angles through wire stabilization. Alas, my goal is a simpler design, so off we go to greener pastures, namely a toonish Junkers WWI variant which will appear here shortly, and perhaps another 1930’s design that I might throw in here as well…..depending on its successful maiden.

These were taken after some pretty rough proving flights, the damage is unrepaired as I had determined at this point to retire her….you get the jist though at this point she has seen better days!





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