Wow…..not again.

 Thomas Edison was purported as saying, when asked about the struggles involved in inventing the electric light bulb, that he failed at least 1000 times before he finally got it right. Also, when asked why he wasn’t discouraged during this process he stated (and I’m paraphrasing here) that he wasn’t disheartened enough to quit altogether because at least now he knew he was one step closer to success, because he knew one more way that it didn’t work, and was thus closer to solving how it would work. As much as I’d like to say that I believe he was that rosy during failure, or for that matter that the light bulb wasn’t just one more idea he “borrowed” from Nikola Tesla, I must say that for myself, the last few concept designs I’ve tried here have been, well, less than succesful. Granted they have had very narrow self imposed success parameters. The Mig is the latest. Intended to be used only with the one engine I had on hand, and very much like the Toon P-40, the engine was not up to the task, in the Migs case to handle all of the inherent drag of the design. She struggled, and just barely achieved flight, and remained low over the ground in an extended glide at best, without ability to climb away. Ah well….new things are already underway. Something more standard so we can have a bit of success for a change, but fear not, there are some envelopes still being pushed. The details will appear here shortly!


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