Ford Flivver Flies

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten around to getting some of this stuff up on the site, so here we go. Here is what the Ford Flivver actually ended up looking like when completed.

Not too bad. The dummy Anzani engine heads really give it a scale presence.

And here is the video of one of the first proving flights.

It’s not the best quality as it was taken on a simple hat cam, but you get the basic idea. As was mentioned in the clip, I am experimenting with different prop sizes to try and cut the speed a bit to help with landing on my rough field.

All for now….but stay tuned as there are some Toon P40 picsĀ detailing some of the progress madeĀ there coming soon.



2 comments on “Ford Flivver Flies

  1. Joe Hunter says:

    Very nic e build, the plane looks sweet. Would love to get a set of the plans. Would you email me a set? Good luck with the plane.

  2. Thanks Joe! I actually gave up on finishing the plans, due to the complexity of the build. I came to the conclusion that a simplified version (more simple than this turned out) would be a better subject to make plans of. This was mainly due to the fact that I had to do a considerable amount of shaping in the nose area with foam and filler to get the final outcome to look correct. That being said, if you are interested in the originals, and are a very competant builder, you might still be able to swing it with some patience. If you are a neophyte, I wouldn’t recommend it though.

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