Flivver construction continues…

Alrighty, not to get too wordy on this post, lets get down to the good stuff.


Above shows the aileron cut free from the wing. Then after this was accomplished, I found the aileron control rod holes were mis-aligned, leading to the final decision that it’s simply better to punch them at this stage anyway by simply sharpening one end of the wooden control arm dowel, aligning it, and re-punching the holes while sliding it through the foam ribs with the new corrected alignment. Try doing that with ply ribs sucker face!  It worked….enough said. Ok, I might mention it’s a little late here. Enough said again.

Oh and the second pic is of the inspection by supervisor number two who decided to give it a look. Yes, the yellow one. No, the smaller white fluffy one is supervisor number one……oh never mind.


These show the tail surfaces being aligned and fitted, as well as the hinge locations being established. A single wood dowel runs the length of the control surface, and soda can stock hinges wrap around this and attach to the opposite surface. It makes a very realistic, strong and smooth operating hinge.


And finally these last two show, first a better shot of the soda can hinges in place before gluing, and secondly, the method I decided on for attaching the wing. Those ply saddles will take screws that pass up through the wing and hold it in place. I was just going to permanently glue the wing in place, but then decided on this method, although a bit heavier for versatilities sake, especially due to the fact it’s a prototype. It can be built either way though.


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