Progress with Henry Fords’ Flivver

The basic jist of this design is a card-model styled format, executed in fanfold foam. The fuselage is cut out of the foam in one detailed piece and then scored and bent to shape as you can see in the images below. A litte right thrust has been factored into the engine mount as well to counter torque issues. You can also see in these shots the ply engine mount and fuel tank support floor, which is the one piece tray that has been installed. The bottomside  images show the plastic tube used for the engine exhaust which will portrude from the bottom of the fuselage, just fore of the wing.


 …..I think she’s shaping up nicely. That little notch in the edge of the cockpit will be filled with a chunk of foam and faired in. It was a necessary evil, in that the one piece fuselage had to be shaped without it. Small price to pay for simplicity. Now an underside view.

The rubber bands are holding in the fuel tank above. This is if course a scale model of the Flivver and not a “Cartoon” type creation. All in all I think the real Flivver looked cartoony enough to not need any embelishment, however, for those following whos leanings are less scale, I do have another machine I am building at the same time as this one that should satisfy all of your surrealistic desires. I’ll make a post on it shortly. But in the meantime, here is another image of what the Flivver should end up looking like. Pretty cartoony as-is!


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