Out with the old, in with the new!

Welcome to a NEW YEAR! Hope one and all had a great Christmas, and didn’t get too plastered celebrating the arrival of 2012. Some progress has occured since the last post I dropped here. Actually it’s kind of the Russian proverbial “one step backward, two steps forward” type of progress, but hey…it’s progress. At least that’s what my propaganda ministry is calling it.

1st update.

The glimmer of hope the Roland CII showed in finally getting balanced and becoming a good flyer erupted into a roaring flame which consumed it so completely that only a charred relic, and a brief memory remain.

By the way, the compelling picture above has been long debated as to its authenticity. I believe it remains currently undecided as to it’s being an actual shot of a German pilot tumbling from his machine after being shot down in flames. If it is real, I’d say it’s one of the more awful yet compelling images of the WWI air war. But back to the Roland. After about 4 very dodgy ROG flights, the bird was severely damaged on landing, was restored for another try,  and was now becoming an overweight flying patch after all of this abuse. A basic initial imbalance, coupled with a warped fuselage, had been causing these troubles all along. The final straw was when after extensive rebuilding and yet another attempt was made to fine tune the balance, the plane stalled in an re-inflicted all of it’s previous damage, which was severe. The final decision was to scrap the design, which may be revisited someday with more focus, a straighter fuselage, and less overall weight.

So thats the bad news, but the good news is, I’ve got all these plane guts….so what to do. Enter the next flying machine project currently underway…

I’ve always liked the Ford Flivver and thought it’dmake a nice scale subject…..well, it’s already being framed up as we speak…..more to come soon.


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