Roland CII-a shows glimmer of hope in flight test.

Well, it turns out the refinements outlined in the previous post regarding the Roland CII and needed balance adjustments were accurate, and this nice little machine seems to be pulling itself out of its borderline survival status.

The aforementioned weight and balance corrections were performed, as well as a reduction of both the control throws for the rudder and elevator, which resulted in the longest and most stable flight the machine has performed to date.  Granted, it was still a handfull in the air, but the final necessary tweaks to correct this are quite clear now, and once these are done, there should be some nice video to stick up here.

Keep those fingers crossed ; )

PS. And you thought the Flying Tigers in China were the first to use that mean looking shark mouth decoration on an aircaft…..look closely at the line-up of Rolands above……sneaky.



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