WWI Rogallo Fighter maiden flight video….

So, as I stated in the previous post, I have some low resolution video (sneak preview if you will) of the Maiden Flight of the WWI Rogallo Fighter. The previous post gives a description of the flight, so without further delay, here’s the vid. Enjoy.

As I stated earlier, it’s low-res due to the fact it was taken from an impromptu hat mounted camera, so now we will have to bring some better gear out for the next go and get some better shots. Drawing up the plans for sale to those interested in building thier own version, as well as further refining test flights are next on the list for this one…well, that in addition to having a heck of a lot of fun flying this thing! On a side note, the plans will allow you to detail the design any way you like, so in essence you can turn it into a French, English, or German variant.

For the technical aspect, this one is flying on an old OS LA.25, and has plenty of power. The wings also fold for compact transport.

By the way, to follow the build/design history of this model, click on WWI Rogallo Fighter in the menu bar on the right, and you can then review the entire archive relating to this design.

All for now!


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