WWI Rogallo Fighter Flies!!!

Video will be arriving shortly, but I am pleased to relate that the WWI Rogallo Fighter has had it’s maiden flight test and passed with flying colors. She flies and flies well.

While attempting taxi tests the first downfield run ended quickly with a tire sticking in a hole and the machine just stopping after a few feet of travel. Determined to “get going a bit better” I added a bit more throttle (roughly half) in the intent to get rolling and skip over the dings in our less than perfect airstrip. To my suprise, at only 1/2 throttle and in less than 4 feet she leapt into the air. In an instant I chopped throttle and she hovered at around 5 feet high and began to descend, then I thought in that split second….what the heck…gave her the juice and she sailed on out. After calming down a smidge from seeing her sailing around above,  and with a few clicks of right and down trim, she cruised at less than half throttle with ease. She will climb like nobody’s business, and is very responsive in turns. Landing was as easy as cruising in, chopping throttle and descendng to a gentle flair. She rolled in right at my feet.

As I said, preliminary vid will be here soon!


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