Watch your back….he’s still out there.

Nope, haven’t flown yet….still raining sporadically….the stir crazy has set in firmly. So, while staring out the windows and wondering when I’ll be able to test pilot the two new Aircraft that are currently sitting on my bench staring at me, I ran across a video I hadn’t seen for a while that brings us squarely back into the RC Aircraft vein once again. Once you see it, the title of this post will make more sense….

You know, humans are fascinating creatures. The first thing that struck me watching this, being an oft-amused spectator  of human behaviour is, what in the world possesed the camera guy to believe it was a good idea to film from an active airstrip!? I know I know, I wasn’t there, but the logic still escapes me.

Secondly, and on an even more humourous note, notice the old guy who owned the plane, when he comes strolling out. He gives the camera man that he’s just plowed over, a cursory glance, but proceeds without hesitating to investigate the state of his triplane! Too funny. The camera guy is definately not his main concern….”duuude, you dinged my bird!” Tell me humans aren’t amusing.

PS. Watch your back, cause you never know when the Red Baron will strike again! ; )


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