WWI Rogallo Fighter Wing Completion

Some of the following pics detail the finshing up of the rogallo wing, and its final attachment and fitting to the mast. The wing covering is heavy mill plastic, I can provide the exact specifications later if anyone is interested or building this design for themselves, but off the cuff it is a heavier type “outdoor” trash bag that was used, and is of a good thickness to ensure durability.




So, as it stands we are ready to begin some preflight trials, engine runs, and normal tweaking in preparation for the maiden flight. This makes two aircraft that are standing by at the moment in preparation for first flights. The other is the Roland CII, which once the final bugs are ironed out, will be heading skyward soon as well. More to come.


One comment on “WWI Rogallo Fighter Wing Completion

  1. c p skeates says:

    i want a real one ..skeatez.com

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