Albatros DV for SALE!!!

I have a few of these in my attic, and once and a while I bring one down and finish and sell it, when I have the time. They are the same as the Albatros you see in the flying video further down the page…..or better yet click on the Albatrossen link to the right to get there quicker. If you are interested, let me know and I will discuss the particulars.

As an added bonus, she has been finished in the authentic color scheme of the German Ace, Ernst Udet, who was second only to Manfred Von Richtoffen in victories over enemy aircraft in WWI. This plane will look amazing in the air.




Basic details:

WS  48″

Engine size: approx .40 two stroke. but the one in the video is quite overpowered and flying at idle on a 4 stroke 52. If you need extra nose weight, it might as well be engine.

Fuel tank is pre installed, the rest you provide, Rx/servos/engine/control-linkages.

I would recommend this aircraft to anyone who is an intermediate flyer/builder or above, as it takes some familiarity with plane set up to do properly. They are great flyers!

Price is $300.00

If anyone has any further questions, feel free to comment and I will be happy to respond/clarify.


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